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Vet, Ngong Along Kenvic School Road 0736959853 Natural Spices and Cereal Store

Natural dishes don’t have to be plain/flat. Let’s make our every serving tasty with a unique blend of natural spices. At NS&CS, we endeavor to provide quality ingredients   and simple recipes that accommodates most categories of our all our clients’ needs. With children, families, aged, special diet, weight loss, organic dieters in mind…..look no further! Allow us to replenish your home with our pure organic dietary products. Visit our shop in Vet-Ngong or Call/sms us on 073695853 to place your order

Dealers in organic products:

  • Cooking Spices
  • Nuts and Products
  • Pure Natural Honey
  • Peanut Butter
  • Flour
  • Legumes

Quantity and Prices


Price list  

1 Pure peanut butter:
1kg @ ksh 370
500g @ ksh 230
250g @ ksh 150
2. Peanut and sesame butter
1kg @ ksh 420
500g @ ksh 280
250g @ ksh 200
3 Pure sesame (simsim) butter
1kg @ ksh 490
500g @ ksh 340
250g @ ksh 240
4. Coconuts and products
Coconuts from ksh 50
100 g Coconut desiccates @ 170
250g Coconut flour @ 350
5 Roasted peanuts (Both small and big red available)
2kg (Gorogoro) @ ksh 650
1kg @  ksh 325
250g @ ksh 150
Raw peanuts ( Both small and big red available)
1kg @  ksh 200
6 Seeds
100g Chia seeds @ ksh 190
250g Sesame seeds @ ksh 265
100g Dill seeds @ ksh 200
100g Fennel seeds @ ksh 220
250g Raw sunflower seeds @  ksh 280
250g Raw pumpkin seeds @ ksh 300
…more on order
Pure natural honey( extracted purely with no additives and preservatives)
7 Makueni & Kakamega forest pure honey
1kg @ ksh 700
500g @ ksh 350
250g @ ksh 190
·         Ideal for all family daily use and a good substitute for sugar. It is a abundant in natural sweetener that aids the body in detoxification.
Elgeyo and west Pokot pure honey
1kg @ ksh 800
500g @ksh 400
300g @ ksh 220
·         A pack rich in natural nutrients by stingless bees. Best in treating common colds& coughs when blended with ground ginger and garlic.
8 Cooking spices (per 100grams )
Stew masala @ ksh 200
Turmeric @ ksh 140
Dhana jeera @ ksh 130
Ginger ground @ ksh 180
Tea masala @ ksh 200
Cinnamon ground @ksh 145
Garam masala @ksh 170
Garlic ground @ ksh 175
Pilau masala@ ksh 200
Cardamoms powder @ ksh 400
Pepper @ ksh 130
……and so much more in stock.
100g Coffee ground (best brewed)@ ksh 200
100g Green tea @ ksh 200
100g Hibiscus tea @ ksh 200
Flavored tea (Mango, ginger, orange, mint….)
All teas are  Ketepa brand and available  in loose  and tea bags
10 Nutritious legumes
1kg njugu mawe/monkey nuts@ ksh 220
1kg Yellow beans @ksh 200
1kg Butter beans@ 200
1kg Soya beans @ ksh 250

·         Njugu mawe contains rich nutrients that can be considered complete food. It provides relief from general weakness debility, prolonged or heavy menstruation, insomnia, and malnutrition.

·         Soya beans are ideal nutrients in making soya milk a rich substitute for non-dairy products.

11 Flour
1kg Roasted peanuts flour@ ksh 400
1kg Raw peanuts flour @ ksh 200
1kg millet (wimbi) @ ksh 120
1kg sorghum (mtama) @ ksh 120
1kg wheat flour @ ksh 200
·         Roasted peanuts flour is best for making starter soups and seasoning.
Wheat flour is whole grain package of  nutritious minerals, proteins and rich in fiber that aids digestion


We do deliveries at customer’s cost. Kindly place your orders at least 1 day in advance to facilitate our timely delivery. For same day deliveries within Kajiado North, kindly place your orders in early morning hours to organize deliver.


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